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Gracie Barra is one of the largest and most trusted names in martial arts today.

One of the things that has set it apart is its commitment to help students develop their Jiu-Jitsu in line with their current ability.


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About Gracie Barra Chelmsford - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


We offer everything from Adults and children’s Brazilian Jiu jitsu classes to martial arts inspired fitness classes, self-defence classes for women and men.

Choose from a variety of Gracie Barra Programs, including:

Why GB Chelmsford - BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts - Women's Classes


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art built on the foundation of self-defence and combat sport grappling based on throws, ground fighting and submissions.

Starting in Brazil it came to be known worldwide as a combat sport in its own right.

Through the adaptations of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Kodokan Judo and England’s Catch as catch can wrestling; it quickly became an essential foundation martial art for mixed martial arts (MMA).



Our team of instructors are dedicated to Jiu Jitsu. They are trained in the teaching philosophy and methods of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., the founder of Gracie Barra.

Students enjoy access to over 800+ Jiu jitsu Schools worldwide along with professional Jiu-Jitsu equipment and online resources to further their training.

The Gracie Barra Instructor Certification Program follows the methods and strategies of team founder, Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

Our training programs give access to first-class curriculum and class structure (classes start on time!) and fun which our devoted instructors blend perfectly. All this will allow you to make the most of training with your instructors and training partners for BJJ Essex.

The GB academy was formed in Essex in 2017 and is based in Chelmsford, Essex.

These include BJJ Black belt Professor Jez Lord (also Muay Thai coach). Academy Founder BJJ Brown Belt coach Rob Simpson (also a Judo Black Belt) as well as many other top-class coaches.

The club offers world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction for individuals, families (emergency services and student discounts available)

The timetable is designed to meet the learning needs of people of different ages, genders, and fitness levels. Our clean, friendly environment allows students to have a friendly learning and training experience at every class.

With a pro Shop selling everything from Rash guards to school bags you can get everything you need to get started.

It is the academy’s mission to provide excellent instruction to individuals and families in facilities that are second to none and that has helped set it apart in the Essex martial arts community.


  • positive review  great coaches. my kids love coming

    Darren Patten Avatar Darren Patten
    December 7, 2018

    positive review  Excellent training facility for BJJ, Judo, MMA & more. World class coaches with a welcoming atmosphere. Catering to any level from pro’s and amateurs to recreational martial artists. �

    William Wayland Avatar William Wayland
    February 3, 2018

    positive review  I've been training here for 2 years, the instructors are fantastic and always willing to help you grow in your jujitsu journey. The team as whole is very closed nit and like a big family a very welcoming place to train.

    Dean Bailey Avatar Dean Bailey
    September 29, 2021

    5 star review  My son loves going to the BJJ classes. He goes at least 5 times a week. The coaches are friendly and approachable and their knowledge is unparalleled. The facilities are excellent and there are are large variety of classes to try out.

    Sharon Savory Avatar Sharon Savory
    September 9, 2017
  • positive review  Moved to this gym after previously training at another Essex gym. Absolutley no regrets. This gym has felt open, friendly and welcoming from the start. It’s had a lockdown makeover, so looks and feels awesome to train in. The coaches are excellent. The number of new members since reopening is testament to how excellent this gym is, we’re one big GB family and we are well on the way to building a female team! Can’t recommend GB Chelmsford enough.

    Jenny Weeks Avatar Jenny Weeks
    October 2, 2021

    positive review  Really friendly place, nice vibe and awesome instructors. Highly recommended.

    Jolie Boyle Avatar Jolie Boyle
    June 11, 2017

    positive review  Great place to train highly recommend 🤙

    Pete Einhyrningur Avatar Pete Einhyrningur
    October 6, 2021

    positive review  The highlight of my stay at Chelmsford. This gym and BKK Fighters Chelmsford define what MMA is all about. Fabulous people and trainings of incredible quality. The place to go to if you want to improve yourself, become a fighter, and make lots of friends with people who care about each other greatly.

    Adam Fidler Avatar Adam Fidler
    June 10, 2018
  • positive review  Both my children have been going to GB for a few years now, it’s helped with their confidence and discipline.Would highly recommend their classes to anyone. It’s a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

    Sharon Homan Avatar Sharon Homan
    October 8, 2021

    positive review  Simple the Best! Very professional and friendly trainer! Disseplin, fairness, right attitude and excellent physical activity. My boys love it!

    Olia Kirilova Avatar Olia Kirilova
    September 16, 2021

    positive review  Very welcoming, instructors teach clearly and patiently.

    Luke Wojcik Avatar Luke Wojcik
    July 7, 2021