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Classes 12pm every day suitable for Adults and families

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Helping raise money for The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC)

In addition to the adult version of our classes we are running classes that are suitable for kids and make them all free during the current national lockdown so that the whole family can join in on certain days.

We understand the pressures of lockdown and as a local business we want to give our community support by offering a way to get fit and have fun while we are closed.

Gracie Barra Chelmsford is raising money for The Ambulance Staff Charity

The classes are completely Free and all we ask is that you kindly consider a voluntary donation to the Ambulance Staff Charity who we are supporting with the campaign as we try to raise money for them.

Ambulance crews are in the front line in the fight against the pandemic and some of our members work in the NHS.

What is BarraFit?

BarraFIT Performance is a series of high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) built on circuits of functional movements inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These fast-paced 45-minute classes (adults) and 30 Mins classes (Kids) use functional and metabolic exercises to bring students’ increased physical fitness levels.

The workout uses body weight movements and partner drills in explosive exercises to help develop a stronger, faster, and leaner body.

How do I take part in a class?

Free Fitness Classes Online for Kids and Adults

Simply go to our facebook page Gracie Barra Chelmsford and turn notification on and you will get a message when we go live,. You can also watch the previous ones online.

Hoep to see you soon

Gracie Barra Chelmsford Team

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